Amazing Gifts to Go Along With Flowers

Flowers are one of the most timeless and delightful gifts you can give to someone. They can brighten a room and lift someone’s spirits instantly. The wide variety of flowers come together to create the most beautiful bouquets that convey a special message of care and love. Whether you are using flowers to express friendship or passion, the receiver is bound to appreciate them. However, if you’re looking to elevate your next bouquet, no matter the occasion, some small gifts are the perfect additions to flowers. Explore local gifts in Adelaide and keep these ideas in mind.

Part of what makes flowers so special and sweet is that they aren’t a necessity or a practical gift. They aren’t especially useful, just beautiful and nice to have around. So a great compliment to flowers is other small treats to spoil your loved one. Consider including all of the elements to have an at-home spa day with your bouquet. Give the gift of relieving stress and relaxing at home with items like fragrant bath bombs, soaps, and lotions. Think about items that will smell long after your bouquet and gift candles or essential oils – include a diffuser even and give them a bottle of the same scent of your flowers for an extra touch. This gift combination will put anyone in a fantastic mood. 

In general, a sweet treat is a great addition to any gift, and flowers are no exception. Find a local artisanal chocolatier and pick out a special box of delicious handmade chocolates that will pair perfectly with a beautiful bouquet. Alternately find any of the other local products Adelaide has to offer like the perfect jar of honey or jam with fresh bread. For an extra personalised touch, bake something at home. Create a recipe you know they will love, make their favourite cookies or labour over a batch of cupcakes. Hit up a local baker if you’re not handy in the kitchen, either way, your loved one will adore the gesture. Also if you think it’s appropriate, a bottle of wine is a great gift that is perfect for celebrating an occasion. If you’re sending flowers to congratulate someone, that bottle of wine might be the perfect thing to toast to. 

Yet another great accompaniment to a lovely bouquet is the vase itself. A beautiful vase is something everyone should keep around the house, maybe it will even inspire your loved one to keep more flowers around more often. Choose one that matches their style, something they are sure to love to put on display. Consider something hand-painted, or customised with a special message. A glass vase can easily be etched with a special date or a meaningful note. 

When you are looking for gifts to send with flowers, remember that customising them to your recipient is the most meaningful. From candles to cookies, anyone would appreciate the extra special touch to accompany any of the beautiful flowers Adelaide has to offer.