Picking the Right Flowers for Your Anniversary

Flowers are a classic and timeless gift that can’t be beaten. Due to their diversity in style and meaning, there is a flower bouquet that is the ideal gift for almost every occasion. As they are beautiful and considered romantic, they are also the perfect wedding anniversary gift. A bouquet might not be your only gift for each other, but anniversary flowers are always welcome. They are the perfect thing to wake up next to in the morning or to find on a dinner table at the end of the night. However, with so many choices, you can spend lots of time mulling over the different flowers in Adelaide to pick for your special someone. 

Traditionally there is a long history of gift-giving etiquette that suggests particular flowers for certain milestones. So when you are not sure, you can fall back on the classics. Each flower holds a strong and meaningful message to your loved one.

On your first anniversary, you are celebrating a year of growth and adjustments as you have settled into married life together. Traditionally, that first-anniversary flower is a light and bright colours like yellows and white, representing the optimism and good luck you wish on your future together. Choose flower-like carnations that represent strength and affection to send a message that your feelings for each other are strong. However, avoid bright yellow roses, that represent friendship rather than romantic feelings. 

For your second anniversary, choose pink, orange, and red flowers that represent that strong optimism and the passion you still have for one another. The longer you are settling into your partnership, the more small things you have learned about each other. Remind your partner that there are just more things you found to love. Cosmos flowers are beautiful delicate flowers with a large array of sweet and romantic colours. Mix them all for a gorgeous bouquet. 

For your fifth anniversary, put blue, turquoise, and pink daisies together, which represents your loyalty and love you have for one another half a decade into your marriage. Also on your big tenth anniversary, the trumpet-shaped bright daffodil flowers make a beautiful bouquet that represents the joy you have experienced and the hope you hold for your future. Pick a silver or blue vase with accents that complement the daffodil while also representing the colours of a ten-year mile mark. 

By 15 years, consider the passionate and romantic red roses to tell your partner your love still burns strong. In 30 years, the lily represents the commitment and loyalty you have maintained for one another. Also when your marriage reaches 50 years together, remember that violets represent happiness – a reflection of the times you have had enjoying each others company. 

Above all else, choose the flowers your partner will love the most. Pick their favourite colour, the flowers that adorned your wedding, or represent a special memory.  Work with a florist in Adelaide this year to find something your partner will love.