The Wildlife Winter Games


Who do you think would win a game of ice hockey between a team of penguins or polar bears? Or perform the most acrobatic tricks on a snowboard, a whale or a dolphin? Or speed skate the fastest, a hare or moose? You be the judge!

Competing against each other in 10 winter sporting events are a selection of Arctic and Antarctic creatures that are experts on snow and ice. The unique skills each creature would bring to these events are described in a fun yet factual way. Readers are invited to predict who would win the gold, silver and bronze medal in each event.

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Teaches children about the attributes of various animal species and ten sporting events.

Encourages children to apply critical thinking to choose the possible winner of each event.

Introducing readers to the unique features of creatures in a fun, informative way.

Dynamic and well-designed illustrations.

Richard Turner is an author and Performing Arts teacher in Adelaide South Australia, who supports children’s creative voices through drama and dance. He has directed and choreographed musicals, working with students who can sing and dance way better than he can. Like most people, Richard has to be told to eat his peas, but never has to be told to eat his jellybeans or ice cream. He has been on a skateboard, a roller coaster, an elephant and a camel. He has also been on a spaceship to the moon, but only in his dreams!